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Author: Pacific Imports Trading Limited  

Pacific Imports Trading Ltd is a family-owned business based in Vanuatu, with offices in Vanuatu's capital city, Port Vila. The business is into Imports/Exports, manages three different portfolios, and is also the "Official Vanuatu Made Distributor" in Australia extending to the Asia Pacific regions.

Pacific Imports bring to you a combination of 100% Organic products ranging from Arts & Crafts, Clothing, Home Decor & Living, Jewellery & Accessories, Handicraft, Food & Beverage, Root Crop Export, Life Cattle & Organic Beef Export, Copra Meal & Herbal Body products. 

We are a 'Vanuatu Made' business trading for over 11 years in Vanuatu and now in mutual partnership with the Vanuatu Government through the Ministry of Tourism Trade Commerce, Industry and Cooperative, we bring an exciting variety of products with an improved perspective to offer.

We have shipping storage facilities across Australia through a Service Level Agreement with Virgin Airlines Cargo Terminal Operator, Pak Fresh Handling, who are also acting as customs brokers for Pacific Imports. This partnership also allows Pacific Imports and Pak Fresh Handling to coordinate exports into Australia and effectively deliver within timeframes. Pacific Imports also operates its own warehouses on Bribie Island, Brisbane, Queensland, where it keeps its dry and wet supplies for online retail orders.

Pacific Imports Trading Ltd operates its Vanuatu Made distributions in Australia through Tove Eats, who since 2020, is acting as the Agency for Global Export company, AgTrade, in Vanuatu. Pacific Imports also operates labor export through its Seasonal Work Program Recruitment Agency, Konekt Pacific, which supplies labor to Pinata Farm and Darwin Fruit Farm.

Pacific Imports Trading Ltd collaborates with over 1000 farmers from Vanuatu and over 200 producers and is mandated by the Vanuatu Government to facilitate exports and market negotiations and also owns its own food supply brand through Tove Eats and its herbal body care brand to be launched in 2022. 


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