While there's nothing like the magic of browsing local boutiques, and department stores for the perfect gift, most of us will be doing the bulk of our shopping online during this pandemic. But just because you'll likely be shopping from your couch instead of a shop decked out in festive decor, that doesn't mean you can't still find a unique gift for everyone on your list.

For gift shoppers who want to go the extra mile in thoughtfulness but would prefer everything be shipped directly to their doorsteps, we want to present some unique gifts from Vanuatu for you on the web. If you're particularly strapped for time, we've even picked standout gifts you will love and most importantly, each piece is tropically crafted and unique. 

When you buy from our gift section, you are uplifting a live affected by Covid-19. All the pieces are hand crafted and are a Vanuatu Trademark made with care, a lot of heart and a lot of smiles and made from 100% organic materials.

Buy a 'Vanuatu Made' Gift and help improve a livelyhood.

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